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Flea Control Service
Take back your yard and solve your flea problems all season long with Birmingham's guaranteed effective flea extermination treatment.

Make Your Outdoor Space More Enjoyable

Flea Control and Extermination for Yards in Birmingham, Alabama

At Birmingham Mosquito Control, we're committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment for your family and pets. A major nuisance and potential health hazard that homeowners in the Birmingham area face is flea infestation. Treating your yard for fleas is an essential but easy step in safeguarding the well-being of your family and furry friends. Fleas are not only bothersome and irritating, but they also pose significant dangers to both humans and pets. With our 21-day Treatment Cycle, we can eradicate fleas and ensure they don't come back. 

Birmingham Mosquito Control specializes in mosquito control service in Birmingham, but we're also dedicated to providing effective flea control services tailored to the unique needs of your yard. With our expertise and unique methods for yard treatment, we can help you regain control over your outdoor space, ensuring a flea-free environment where your family and pets can thrive. Give us a call today for a free flea treatment quote and get back to enjoying your property!

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Invest in Peace of Mind

Fight the Bite Guarantee

At Birmingham Mosquito Control, we’re committed to your family’s comfort. If you’re getting bitten between visits, give us a call and we’ll come out to spray your property again for free.

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Flea Control Services Customized to Protect Your Yard

How Flea Yard Treatments Work

Flea Treatment for your yard is an added service to a regularly scheduled mosquito treatment. During the first visit, a flea technician will assess your property and apply your first flea treatment in problem areas around your home. Using a fogger, the technician will spray the areas of your yard that most need it. The treatment kills any of these biting pests present on your property and prevents new arrivals for up to 21 days. Then, we’ll set you up on a regular treatment cycle so you never have to worry about missing a beat. As an added service, consider using Birmingham Mosquito Control for Tick Treatment in your Yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flea Control FAQs

How do you treat my yard for fleas?

Flea control services for your yard is an add-on service to our ongoing mosquito control service. The service takes place at the same time as mosquito service and occurs every 21 days. While treating your yard for mosquitoes, a technician will treat all of the foliage in and around your outdoor living space. When treating for fleas, the technician will spray your yard as well as any areas where fleas are a problem.

How long does it take for flea eradication?

Fleas that come into contact with our treatment will die immediately. In order to fully eliminate fleas, a technician will visit your home every 21-days during the warmer months to re-apply a treatment.

Is the flea control solution safe for my pets?

Yes, it is safe for pets when applied as directed. We ask that you leave pets inside for 30 minutes after treatment in order to allow the spray to dry.

Outdoor Insects Beware

Our Pest-Free Process

Our team uses a proven fogging agent to treat leaf litter and wooded areas around your home.
In under 30 minutes, your property will be protected for 21 days—an entire mosquito life cycle.

Schedule Your <br>
First Treatment
Schedule Your
First Treatment
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Complete Property
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Treat Your
Repeat Treatment<br>
On a 21-Day Cycle
Repeat Treatment
On a 21-Day Cycle

Technicians You
Can Trust.

Technicians You <br>Can Trust.

What Residents Have to Say About Birmingham Mosquito Control

I can’t recommend Birmingham Mosquito Control enough. We’ve used several other providers in Birmingham for mosquito control and pest service but they are the best. They are locally owned and managed and provide a phenomenal service with incredible care for their customers. They not only show up on time they send regular updates and check-ins to help make sure that our property is mosquito free!
Jack Louis
Mountain Brook, AL
Excellent service and excellent mosquitoes even though I live on a lake. I AM TRULY AMAZED. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Judy Vercher
Vestavia Hills, AL
I’ve been very happy with them! They text me to let me know when they’ll here to spray. They’re very thorough spraying the trees, bushes and grass. They’re super nice, knowledgeable, and value my opinions. And No Mosquitoes!
Sharon Bell
Hoover, AL