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Gardendale, Alabama
We love being a preferred mosquito control company in the Gardendale, AL area. Our customers are 100% satisfied and we're certain you will be too once you experience the Birmingham Mosquito Control difference.

Fight the Bite All Season Long

Gardendale, AL Mosquito Control and Tick Services Company

Birmingham Mosquito Control is proud to provide expert mosquito control treatment to residents in the northern Birmingham, AL markets like Gardendale. Considered too far for some other pest control companies to travel, we are excited to serve Gardendale residents so they can take their yard back and enjoy their outdoor spaces without the frustration of mosquito bites. Gardendale residents love our mosquito treatment because it's backed by our Fight the Bite Guarantee and begins to work immediately after the first mosquito application. If you are getting bitten by mosquitoes, Birmingham Mosquito Control can be out there today to fix your mosquito problem. 

Our local team of pest control and mosquito experts are always excited to help our Gardendale customers live a mosquito-free life and truly enjoy their investment with their family and friends. Whether it's Spring or Summer, it's not too late to start our treatment program. Our services run from spring through fall and can be cancelled at any time with a 30-day notice. 

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Invest in Peace of Mind

Fight the Bite Guarantee in Gardendale

Our mosquito and tick control services come with a satisfaction guarantee: if you’re getting bitten between treatments, simply give us a call and we’ll spray your yard again for free.

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Gardendale’s Trusted Pest Control Solution

How Our Tick & Mosquito Spraying Services Works for Gardendale Residents

We offer quick, convenient, and highly effective mosquito treatments on a 21-day cycle to give you uninterrupted enjoyment of your beloved outdoor areas. We tailor each treatment to the unique needs of your yard, targeting leafy bushes and areas of standing water. We also offer tick control as an add-on service. In less than 30 minutes per treatment, your home will be protected from biting pests, letting you make the most of your investment all season long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mosquito Control FAQs

How much does mosquito treatment in Gardendale?

We know that many mosquito control companies either won't serve the Gardendale area or mark up their prices to account for the drive. At Birmingham Mosquito Control, we provide the same price to all Bham area customers. To check out our current marketing price, please click on the Schedule Service button on the website and you'll instantly see our 21-day treatment price. 

How many days will mosquito fogging last on my property?

Our mosquito control service typically lasts up to 21 days. We treat all of our customer's properties every 21 days as a result of the mosquito life cycle. At times, a very hard rain or weather event requires us to come out more often. That's where our Fight the Bite guarantee comes into play. If you are getting bitten by mosquitoes in between the 21 day treatment cycle, we'll come out for an additional treatment for no additional cost.

Is your service safe for my children or pets?

We use a commonly used pesticide that helps control mosquito populations. The pesticide used is safe for humans and animals to be around but we do request that pets and humans stay off the lawn for at least 30-minutes after the application since it's still wet and drying. It's also important to share that the pesticide used is not all natural or organic as these treatment types are proven to be not as effective. 

Outdoor Pests Beware

Services We Offer at
Birmingham Mosquito Control

Our team uses a proven fogging agent to treat leaf litter and wooded areas around your home.
In under 30 minutes, your property will be protected for 21 days—an entire mosquito life cycle.

Mosquito Control Service
Mosquito Control Service

Our team uses a proven fogging agent to treat leaf litter and wooded areas around your home. In under 30 minutes, your property will be protected for 21 days—an entire mosquito life cycle.

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Tick Control Service
Tick Control Service

As an add-on to your regular mosquito service, tackle tick-infested areas on your property. Safeguard against deer ticks and the dangerous effects of the Lyme disease they carry.

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Mosquito Sprays for Events
Mosquito Sprays for Events

Event sprays are one-time treatments designed to protect your outdoor wedding, graduation party, or other special event from uninvited pests. Defend your guests with no odor or visible residue required!

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Flea Control Service
Flea Control Service

Fleas aren’t just irritating—they can also spread dangerous diseases. Our flea control experts are here to help you turn the tide in the battle against these persistent pests.

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Technicians You
Can Trust.

Technicians You <br>Can Trust.

What Residents Have to Say About Birmingham Mosquito Control

I can’t recommend Birmingham Mosquito Control enough. We’ve used several other providers in Birmingham for mosquito control and pest service but they are the best. They are locally owned and managed and provide a phenomenal service with incredible care for their customers. They not only show up on time they send regular updates and check-ins to help make sure that our property is mosquito free!
Jack Louis
Mountain Brook, AL
Excellent service and excellent mosquitoes even though I live on a lake. I AM TRULY AMAZED. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Judy Vercher
Vestavia Hills, AL
I’ve been very happy with them! They text me to let me know when they’ll here to spray. They’re very thorough spraying the trees, bushes and grass. They’re super nice, knowledgeable, and value my opinions. And No Mosquitoes!
Sharon Bell
Hoover, AL