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City of Alabaster Mosquito Control Program

Mosquito Control

Nearly every municipality in the country has a program to abate mosquito communities. They do this for the city resident's comfort but also to control insects that can carry and spread many harmful diseases. Historically, cities were aggressive in spreading insecticides to reduce mosquito populations, but in recent years many cities have turned to more conservative measures. This means that mosquito populations have grown and continued to be a nuisance in your backyard. As you'll see below, Alabaster, Alabama has taken an approach that many cities have adopted when tackling mosquito problems. 

What is Alabaster's Mosquito Control Program?

Alabaster, Alabama has an annual mosquito abatement program that starts in April and runs through September. During these months, Alabaster city trucks spray the right-of-way early in the morning hours on a weekly rotation. The city also encourages residents to be proactive in reducing breeding grounds by emptying or reducing areas of standing water and the city will mitigate standing water on city property. The city will address breeding sites on city property with "natural and biological controls for safe, effective, and environmentally responsible suppression of immature mosquitoes". Alabaster uses Ultra-Low-Volume sprayers to minimize mosquito populations and all products used are USDA, EPA, and the World Health Organization approved to reduce the risk associated with mosquito-borne illnesses.

Alabaster also issues some recommendations for reducing mosquito populations in your yard.

1. Get rid of standing water on your property
2. Toss and Turn stuff in your yard
3. Grow your own repellents
4. Add mosquito-eating species to your environment
5. Wear bright color clothing
6. Use repellents before going outside

What should you do if you still have mosquitoes on your property?

Even with Alabaster's mosquito control program, it's very common to have mosquito issues throughout your yard. City programs can help reduce mosquito populations, but are usually limited in scope and only protect around right-of-ways. 

If you are still experiencing mosquitoes on your property, give a leading Alabaster Mosquito Control company a call! 

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