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Is Mosquito Control Service Safe for Pets?

Mosquito Control

Team members at Birmingham Mosquito Control are pet lovers, just as many of you are. And we are able to sleep easily knowing that when used as directed, the mosquito treatment used is safe for animals.

So what are the correct directions for mosquito treatment application?

1. When completing mosquito barrier treatment, focus treatment application on leafy bushes where mosquitoes tend to rest during the day.

2. Do not overuse the treatment. Mosquito blowers must be calibrated correctly and technicians trained to ensure the right amount of treatment is utilized each and every time.

3. Always wait 30 minutes post application to allow pets to play in the yard. Why is this? The treatment should have time to dry before it's touched. We remind our customers of this the day before treatment and immediately after treatment is complete.

At Birmingham Mosquito Control, we strive to be the best mosquito treatment company in Birmingham, Alabama and we'll always be a local resource for pest control information.

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