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How Much Does Mosquito Treatment Cost in Birmingham, Alabama?

Mosquito Control

There are many pest control companies that provide mosquito control services in Birmingham, Alabama but they aren't all created equal. There are highly reputable pest control companies that simply don't provide great ongoing protection from mosquitoes as a result of their staff training and/or insecticide use. There's typically a correlation between quality and price, therefore, the drivers of price in the mosquito control business include the same; training and insecticide mixture.

Here's what you'll get for $45-$55 per treatment

Paying $45-$55 per treatment in Birmingham is considered a relatively low price. What you should expect at this price is a company that may not require comprehensive mosquito application training and has lower standards of application consistency. It's common to see this at general pest control companies that added mosquito control services at some point in the business's life. In addition, these providers often apply a lower-quality mixture of insecticide that includes bifenthrin OR insect growth regulars...but not both. The outcome of this is limited mosquito control effectiveness at a lower cost. 

Here's what you'll get for $65-$90 per treatment

Paying $65-$90 per mosquito treatment in Birmingham, AL is considered a mid-level to premium price. At this price point, you will likely get a premium solution provided by a company specializing in mosquito control services. You should expect the pest control provider to have very high standards of training and application along with a premium blend of insecticides. The blend is likely a mixture of bifenthrin, an insect growth regulator, and some form of surfactant to provide a longer-lasting treatment. In addition, you should expect a treatment guarantee which includes additional treatments at no cost if you're getting bites at any time. 

So there you have it! Price points and quality of service go hand-in-hand. Take a look at Birmingham Mosquito Control's Pricing and rest assured. you're getting a premium product and service that will help you fight the bite during those steamy months.


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