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Recent Mosquito-Borne Diseases Identified in Alabama

Mosquito Control

The mosquito population is difficult to control, therefore, it's important that Alabama residents take measures to protect themselves from mosquito bites. This could be through the use of repellents, covering up with pants and long sleeves when outdoors, ensuring doors are closed, having good screens, and of course working with a mosquito control company near you

Mosquito-Borne Illnesses in Alabama are Very Rare

Mosquitoes can cause disease and illness. In fact, it's the number 1 killer worldwide compared to any single factor. Fortunately for Alabama residents, illness or death as a result of mosquito bites is incredibly rare. So here are the top 5 mosquito-borne diseases identified in Alabama over the past 5 years;

  1. West Nile (32)
  2. Malaria - travel related, acquired out of state (30)
  3. Dengue - travel related, acquired out of state (10)
  4. Chikungunya - travel related, acquired out of state (1)
  5. California serogroup viruses (1)


So there you have it. Mosquito-borne illnesses are far and few between in Alabama so the risk is very limited. By protecting yourself from mosquito bites, you can rest assured that the risk of disease is slim to none!


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