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What is a Mosquito Barrier Treatment?

Mosquito Control

How you treat your property for mosquitoes matters. At Birmingham Mosquito Control, we kill mosquitoes and keep them away with mosquito barrier treatments

This is how it's done:

1. We use a commercial misting backpack that sprays a fine mist onto leafy bushes and trees. Treating the bushes and trees on your property is key to success since pesky mosquitoes rest during the day underneath the leaves. On contact, the treatment will kill mosquitoes and will continue to kill mosquitoes who land in the bushes for weeks to come. Our technicians focus on treating areas of the property where you and your family or friends spend time....thus creating a protective barrier around your front yard, back yard, porches, and more.

2. We provide mosquito service on a 21-day cycle from March through October. Why on a 21-day cycle? First, the natural life cycle of a mosquito is 2-3 weeks, creating a need for retreatment to take care of newly developed mosquitoes. In addition, the treatment will work for several weeks but sunlight and large rain events will minimize the treatment that has been applied to the bushes and trees.

So there you have it. Now you know what a mosquito barrier treatment is and why it matters. If you want to schedule a mosquito barrier treatment for your home, please call us at (205) 202-9374 or book mosquito service online here.


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