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City of Mountain Brook Mosquito Control Program

Mosquito Control

Did you know that most cities have programs in place to minimize mosquito populations? You may remember the mosquito truck driving around town misting all streets throughout the city. Or maybe you recall planes dropping insecticides over a city to manage pesky mosquitoes. How we manage mosquito populations has changed throughout the years, and Mountain Brook has taken a very conservative approach when managing mosquito populations.

What is Mountain Brook's Mosquito Control Program?

Mountain Brook's program begins in April with the distribution of briquettes. These briquettes are typically larvicides and help control mosquito larvae in areas of water. In addition, the city works to remove standing water areas throughout the town when possible as standing water provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes. They also issue guidelines and suggestions for homeowners on how often to remove or refresh water sources on the property. Last, starting in May the city begins fogging along the right-of-ways to reduce existing mosquito populations.

What to do if you still have mosquitoes on your property.

Even with city mosquito control programs, it's common to experience high mosquito populations in your front and backyard during the hotter months of the year. It's because the city's programs can help, but certainly won't cut down on mosquito populations enough to give residents comfort.

If you are still experiencing mosquitoes on your property, give a leading Mountain Brook Mosquito Control company a call! 

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